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Reset Stateflow chart externally

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Song on 9 Feb 2016
Answered: Fernando Liozzi on 8 Jun 2019
I have a question about resetting a the stateflow chart kind of externally and "wireless"
Attached is a sample model file, you can see the function A or B will be called from a father stateflow chart.
Within function A and B, there is a sub-stateflow chart, which memorize their states.
My question is, how can I reset these sub-stateflow charts' state from function_A_Init() or function_B_Int()?
One thing comes across my mind is to use DataMemoryStore. But is there a better way?

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Fernando Liozzi
Fernando Liozzi on 8 Jun 2019
Hi, I'm with a similar question. I am implementing a modbus for code generation to a PIC18. The problem I have is that I can not reset the state machine when the dead time of 3.5 characters has elapsed, around 4 ms. I do this with a timer. For other blocks, I manage to generate codes at different execution times in multitasking mode, and I have no problems. It would even be very good if simulink people implemented blocks for the modbus protocol and that allows c / c ++ code generation.

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