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folder name starts with +toolboxA what it means

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michael scheinfeild
michael scheinfeild on 10 Feb 2016
Commented: Shawn McAdam on 23 Jun 2021
hello i download some package and now inside there are folders and subfolder all starts with + so i cant add all the paths and activate it what it means ?
+toolboxA inside there are : a.m, b.m , +folderX and so on so what is + in begining of folder ?

Answers (1)

Jan on 10 Feb 2016
Edited: Jan on 10 Feb 2016
The leading + means, that the contents of the folder is a package and has e.g. its own name space. See
By the way: Instead of waiting for the answer in this forum, you will get a faster solution, if you ask an internet search engine for "Matlab folder +".
Shawn McAdam
Shawn McAdam on 23 Jun 2021
Funnily enough, this is the first posts I found with the Google search 'matlab "+" folders'. Also, has Matlab changed how paths work? I included the parent folder for my "+" directory and nothing seems to work.

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