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Reduce one for loop?

Asked by Farzaneh ziaee on 11 Feb 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 12 Feb 2016
Hello, I have a bunch of code in which there are 2 for loops. I want to increase the speed and have just one for loop. here is the lines:
for i=1:length(bid)
for j=1:pidlastindex
C(i) = delay(j);
To do so I did :
for i=length (bid)
But I get an error: In an assignment A(:)=:B, the number of elements in A and B must be the same.
Could any one tell me what is wrong here?
Also C in that loop changes the dimension on every loop iteration.


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 11 Feb 2016
 Accepted Answer

What if there are multiple locations that match the bid? What if there are no locations that match the bid? What if one of the values is 23.45 and the other value is 23.45+(4e-15) and you can't tell the difference because they both show up as 23.45 on the screen?


Ok good comment! Actually my bid vector is larger than pid and each value has some repetitions and pid is defined to get the unique values of bid. now I want to check if the row lets say number one in bid matches the first row of pid matlab gets the first row of the third vector which is delay and store it in a vector
If pid is the unique values in bid then bid==pid(i) can be true in multiple locations in bid. That would select multiple delay, and you cannot store multiple values into the single destination C(i).
Perhaps you want something like
delay(find(bid==pid(i), 1, 'first'))

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