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Help with converting indexed computation to matrix multiply

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edward on 1 Mar 2016
Edited: edward on 1 Mar 2016
Hi there, I'm pretty stuck on converting an indexed computation to a matrix multiply.
I currently have:
Pkjn = zeros(N,1);
A = zeros(N,N);
s = zeros(3,N);
W = zeros(3,N);
n = 0:N-1;
for k=1:N
for j=1:N
Pkjn = cos((k-j)*2*pi*n/N).';
Mk = 3 * s(:,k); %3x1
Mj = 3 * s(:,j); %3x1
A(k,j) = (repmat(Mj.*Mk,1,N).*W * Pkjn ).' * ones(3,1);
and I'd like to convert the computation of A to a Matrix multiply operation. I've got as far as:
h = dftmtx(N);
a = ctranspose(h)*h;
for cc=1:3
A = sum(b,3)
but I can't seem to get any further. Any helpful suggestions gratefully received!
Thanks, Ed.

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