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How to solve equation contains sin and cos?

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Hello MATLAB experts,
I am seeking you assistance in solving an equation that has sin and cos. The equation and the commands and the resulted error are as follow
syms a b solve((350+1-((a*0.984807753012208)+(b*cosd(asind(((a*0.173648177666930))/b))))),b) ??? Error using ==> asind at 15 Argument should be real.
Thanks in advance, Aziz


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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 3 Mar 2016
The cosd function does not exist in the Symbolic Math Toolbox.
Try this:
syms a b
b_solved = solve((350+1-((a*0.984807753012208)+(b*cos(asin(((a*0.173648177666930))/b))))),b);

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