Matlab guide uitable will not let me delete columns or change format, how do I fix?

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Hi, I am making a GUI in Matlab using the guide function. I have a table with differently formatted columns. When I try to delete a column Matlab automatically adds a blank column to the end and messes up all of the formatting. If I try to change the formatting from a logical to a choice list, the default value in the cell is "False" even if this is not a choice. Also if the column was originally a choice list then the default is blank. I can re-make the table, but as I have quite a few choice lists and I have to put in each entry individually (ideas on this would also be appreciated) it is quite time consuming every time I try to edit the table. Is there anything I can do?
Note: I cannot post pictures due to confidentiality. I also noticed that when I try to change the number of rows it will not take unless I title every row and choose the "show names as entered below option". Than I can switch back and all the rows will still exist.

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Alexandre Cucatti dos Santos
I had a similar problem and my troubleshooting was:
1 - go to the 'data' tab on the property editor of the uitable
2 - check the 'Do not set value and leave table empty'
3 - go back to the 'columns' tab and add/delete/etc
(4) - go back to the 'data' tab and adjust to whichever data is necessary to be there
Hope this helps!


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