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How can I calculate and show the average(mean) of the data show in zoom on an Axes GUI?

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I want every time you zoom in axes , calculating the average of the data shown in the zoom, and put it in a static text.

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Julie on 11 Mar 2016
Edited: Julie on 11 Mar 2016
Lets assume your data is x and y Whenever the zoom changes (I don't know how you are implementing your zoom but you may need to add a listener or something else)
xl = xlim %note you may need to use a get command here instead, I am not %100 sure how this will interact with the GUI
%get(handles."your graph",'xlim')
yt(x<xlim(1) | x>xlim(2) | y<ylim(1) | y>ylim(2))=[];
set(handles."Your Text box",'string',num2str(mean(yt))]


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