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Plotting normal distribution with negative x range

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Yonni f
Yonni f on 13 Mar 2016
Commented: Yonni f on 13 Mar 2016
When plotting a normal distribution using the pdf command, setting the x-value range to negative values seems to give me a wrong answer. Quite likely this is me misunderstanding the command but any help would be appreciated.
I obtain the parameters using the code:
fit_parameters = fitdist(double(data_to_fit(:)),'Normal');
I then try plot it as follows:
Considering that the mean is just below 0, I've set my x-values to something like -80:80. What I get, however, is a curve centred at 80 which is obviously wrong.
I am using MatLab 2013
Thanks, Y

Accepted Answer

John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 13 Mar 2016
Edited: John D'Errico on 13 Mar 2016
When you call plot with ONE argument, it assumes that the x-axis is the integers, 1:numel(y). So, your expected x-axis would be 1:161. From what you have said, the mean will fall right around 80 as you plotted it.
Instead, try this:
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Yonni f
Yonni f on 13 Mar 2016
Jeez, thanks so much. There's nothing quite like banging your head against the wall for hours when the answer so simple!

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