Why "Error using ttest2 () ALPHA must be a scalar between 0 and 1." appears when I am trying to define the ttest2 to be one tailed test?

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Hi All,
I want to get the p-value for a 2 means (and 2 variances) t-test. I tried to define my test to be right tailed test, according to: http://www.mathworks.com/help/stats/ttest2.html
This is the line:
[dummay, p_walls] = ttest2(percent_touching_wall_not_significant,percent_touching_wall_significant,'Tail','Right');
However, it crashes:
Error using ttest2 () ALPHA must be a scalar between 0 and 1.
What is the connection to Alpha? Any Help would be highly appreciated
Thanks in Advance

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 21 Mar 2016
The current online documentation is for R2016a, and would support they syntax you’re using.
doc ttest2
in your Command Window to be certain the same syntax is supported in the version you’re using.

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