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Ann G

How to save all data from a loop in excel?

Asked by Ann G
on 28 Mar 2016
Latest activity Edited by MHN
on 30 Mar 2016
I calculate statistical values like Entropy, Energy, Mean etc from a 3D image..So I use a loop to go through all slices of the image and calculate the values..How can I save the values of all the slices in excel in different columns each time?


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1 Answer

Answer by MHN
on 28 Mar 2016
 Accepted Answer

Instead of writing each column in an excel file (which takes a lot of time, since each time you should get access to memory) it is better to save your result in a variable (it might be easier to use a table structure) and save that variable in an excel file finally. then you can easily write that variable in an excel file:
xlswrite('test.xlsx', variable)


would you like to give me an example?
To be more specific: I calculate the mean and the skewness for 4 slices..
for i=1:4
on 30 Mar 2016
T = table(Mean, Skewness);
writetable(T,'myData.xls') % it will be saved in ur current directory

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