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questions related with tic and toc ?

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Sandy on 31 Mar 2016
Answered: Sandy on 31 Mar 2016
Hello Simulink and MATLAB user,
I greatly appreciate your help! Can someone please clarify my following questions.
1. what tic and toc stands for? ( It might be a stupid question.. my background is not computer science or programming)
2. I have noticed that in a new editor with just one line "time=tic' gives a really big number like '30384030483480' What does it mean?
3. Does "time=toc" give elapsed time in seconds ?

Accepted Answer

jgg on 31 Mar 2016
Edited: jgg on 31 Mar 2016
1) They're the sounds a mechanical clock makes. Tick, tock, tick, tock as the pendulum swings back and forth.
2) The value of time tic command is the internal timer value at the moment the command is called. It's a big number because it's in small fractions of a second, but you shouldn't rely on the value of the number. It's only meant to be used as a relative input; relative to toc
3) Yes.
You can answer most of these questions by looking at the documentation by typing help tic or help toc

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