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Demo files on webinar: Research and Development for 5G Wireless Communications Systems with MATLAB and Simulink

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Sanket Kulkarni
Sanket Kulkarni on 4 Apr 2016
Answered: Meabh Loughman on 19 Aug 2019
I recently saw a webinar on youtube delivered by Dr. Houman Zarrinkoub on: Research and Development for 5G Wireless Communications Systems with MATLAB and Simulink. I really liked the MIMO systems simulations programmed by him on MATLAB. Actually, I am doing a similar kind of project and would like to use his demo files like codes on simulink as reference to my project. But, I couldn't find any demo files on the site. I've also mailed him but haven't replied yet. Can anyone help me with this? I want Demo files of the webinar. Thank you so much.

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Zeyad Qasem
Zeyad Qasem on 27 Jul 2016
Hello Dear,
Hope you are doing well.
you will get a zip file in the same site where you see the video. just see to "related" at the borron of the page, you will see video, and another file called Demo. Demo is the same what you are searching for.
thanks so much.
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Achraf Khsiba
Achraf Khsiba on 24 Nov 2017
Hi, I have the same question as the user above, I can't find the zip file about the demos. I looked all around the webinar. Thanks for your help.

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A.F Göler
A.F Göler on 11 Jul 2019
I am studying on a 5G over the air transmission simulation project with an SDR , USRP b210. Could you help me how to acces the demo zip files of 5G/LTE/WLAN: Waveform Generation, Simulation, Measurement and Over-the-Air Testing within MATLAB video ? Thanks for your help.

Meabh Loughman
Meabh Loughman on 19 Aug 2019
Hi I am having the same problem - When I select 'demo files' , nothing happens. Nothing is downloaded,nor am I taken to a new URL. Does anyone have a solution or a way of sharing the demo files ???

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