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how to connect two functons in matlab

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muhammad ismat
muhammad ismat on 16 Apr 2016
Commented: Jan on 17 Apr 2016
I am want to connect two functions: In first function(firstf.m),i want to make a 'for' loop to variables p,r then I calculat [s] for each value then i use this value in second function accuracy that should repeat 100 time The first function is
[s] = firstf(data,k,opts)
p = 30;
if isfield(opts,'p')
p = opts.p;
for r = 20:22;
if isfield(opts,'r')
r = opts.r;
[s] = k_means(U,k)
first how to make for loop for variables p,r in first function and take every [s] (output of first function ) to calculate accuracy (second function) that should repeat 100 times
Jan on 17 Apr 2016
@muhammad: I still do not understand, what you want to achieve.

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