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How to save multiple snapshots in a file?

Asked by MrMedTech on 20 Apr 2016
Latest activity Commented on by MrMedTech on 20 Apr 2016
Hey everyone,
I have a loop within I'm doing round about 100 snapshots and mark them with a rectangle and stuff like that.
Is it possible to save the marked snapshots listed in one file or to create for every start of the program a new folder in which the images are saved?
In advance Phil


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 20 Apr 2016

basefolder = pwd();
folder_to_save_in = tempname(basefolder);
It is also possible to save all in one file, with some of the image formats. In particular see


Thank you for this quick reply.
Can you tell me how to implement this in my code. I mean, where / how do I have to bring in my snapshot. You just described how to create the saving path?
Thx Phil
So now I got this:) I just took imwrite and gave it the path to my folder. The only mistake I've had is that you have to use '\\' instead of a single slash in your folderpath( I'm using win 7 with matlab 2015b).
So now I can store my stuff but the least problem is, that just my image is stored without the markers.
In my code, I take an image with the webcam, than I calculate some Points und with a plot I mark them with a rectangle and stuff like that. So these markers are just laying 'upon' the image but I want to save the marked image if possible.
Anyone a guess?

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