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Why am I unable to find any compilers on 64-bit Windows?

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Murugavel Sivagnanam
Murugavel Sivagnanam on 11 Jan 2011
I can find the LCC compiler in MATLAB on 32-bit Windows. However I cannot find the same in MATLAB on 64-bit Windows. Is LCC missing? Are there any free compilers for 64-bit Windows that are shipped with MATLAB?

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 26 Jan 2011
Unlike the 32-bit version of MATLAB, which bundles the lcc compiler, the 64-bit version of MATLAB does not include a C compiler. If you use a MathWorks product or feature that requires a C compiler, you will need to install a compiler separately. See the 64-bit Windows Supported and Compatible Compilers web page for more information on products that require a compiler, and which compilers are supported. Some of the supported compilers, notably Microsoft Visual C++ Express, are available free of charge.

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