How to do "the black top-hat transformation"

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after filtering the image i want to perform a black top hat transformation but could not find any information about it. please, any one help me .

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 22 Apr 2016
Perhaps you're talking about the "bottom hat filter".
IM2 = imbothat(IM,SE) performs morphological bottom-hat filtering on the grayscale or binary input image, IM, returning the filtered image, IM2. SE is a structuring element returned by the strel function. SE must be a single structuring element object, not an array containing multiple structuring element objects.

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Pekko Tuominen
Pekko Tuominen on 3 Jul 2017
In Matlab, the black top-hat transform is called bottom-hat and the white top-hat transform is called tophat. This should remove your confusion.

MD AMIR SOHAIL on 6 Mar 2019
White Top-hat Filtering: ( Original Image - Opening of original Image ) [which is imtophat() in matlab]
Black Top-hat Filtering: ( Closing of Original Image - Original Image ) [which is imbothat() in matlab ]

Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) on 22 Apr 2016
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Ashim Chakraborty
Ashim Chakraborty on 22 Apr 2016
Hi jos thank you for your comment. I tried it already but the output is appearing different. there are two different types of top hat is black and white. I am looking for the black top hat which not mentioned anywhere and the code IM2 = imtophat(IM,SE) IM2 = imtophat(IM,NHOOD) gpuarrayIM2 = imtophat(gpuarrayIM,___) giving different output.

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