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Rset files in custom GUI

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Eorlingas on 24 Apr 2016
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Hi! I need to show big large images (>50.000 x 50.000) on my GUI and I readed about rset files.
Is there any way to show them into my GUI without using 'imtool'? (imtool can't be embedded in GUIs)
If it is needed to use imtool necessarily, is there any way to dock some GUI windows to the imtool windows?
"What "rset files" are?" : They are used to preview large images and zoom in in them without RAM loading. Something like Google's map zoom.
I don't want to use imtool because I can't embed it in my GUI. Imtool is a GUI by itself. I'm looking for a way to attach two GUIs in one.
Eorlingas on 24 Apr 2016
Sorry, Jan, my fault. I edited my question.
Image Analyst, imshow can't display .rset format.

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