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Problem with line numbers in editor in R2016a

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Gerrit on 28 Apr 2016
Commented: Boris Venet on 28 Apr 2020
I have "Show line number" ticked in the MATLAB Editor/Debugger Display Preferences, but do not get the line numbers in the left column/margin of the Editor. Is there anything else to set to get the line numbers to display?
Some data: - MATLAB R2016a - OS: Windows 7 Professional, SP 1
Regards, Gerrit.


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Accepted Answer

Kevin on 29 Apr 2016
That is a bit odd. I have R2106a installed on my Windows PC and I get line numbers in the Editor.
Close MATLAB and start MATLAB. This should not make a difference but it does not hurt to try.

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Gerrit on 3 May 2016
Kevin, Yes, this does seem to work. The line numbers are there now.
I re-started the whole PC (for the weekend, not just for this line number issue), so I am not sure whether it was that or re-starting MATLAB that made the difference. Anyway, thanks for the advice.
Best regards, Gerrit.

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Eric on 29 Jun 2016
We have seen the same issue and found that simply closing the editor and reopening the files does the trick as well.


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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 1 Jun 2017
I don't see any bug reports related to line numbers. I recommend that you contact Technical Support using the Contact Us link in the upper-right corner of this page and work with them to investigate this problem. If they cannot determine a cause they can report it to the development staff for a more in-depth investigation.
CalmLight on 8 Feb 2018
Hello, this problem to me appeared today, having appeared previously over the years as another poster said. #1 One file, with line numbers, is not showing line numbers today - it was doing so yesterday. #2 A new "untitled" file does have line numbers working. See 2 screen-shot attachments. Now to close the editor that is not working as expected.
Boris Venet
Boris Venet on 28 Apr 2020
I also use Matlab version R2016a, and I fairly frequently experience the problem of disappearing line numbers (and breakpoints) in the editor. When I have multiple files open in the editor, this may occur in one or several of the open files, but not necessarily all. Recently I discovered a work-around that may also be useful to others. If we go to the editor View Tab, and toggle between the Split Document -None and -Top/Bottom settings, this seems to restore the line numbers. This is somewhat more convenient than closing the editor completely and having to reopen all the files.
Possible root cause of the problem: it seems to me (not 100% sure of this) that splitting a document by grabbing the little separation bar (above the right-side scroll bar) tends to trigger the disappearing act. Using the View Tab buttons to do the splitting seems to be under better control.

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