How do I plot the plot a line using slope and one (x,y) coordinate on Matlab?

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I have the slope, starting coordinates (x1,y1) and distance. Using this I need to plot a line from the known (x1,y1) coordinate. How do I do this?

Accepted Answer

Elias Gule
Elias Gule on 29 Apr 2016
Let's define the slope as m; So using the equation: y = m(x-x1) + y1, we can calculate all values of y corresponding to a particular x value. Remember Matlab plot graphs by mapping point and connecting the dots. In Code we will do this.
Define the values of x for which we want to plot the graph.
x = -15:0.25:25; % Defines the domain as [-15,25] with a refinement of 0.25
Initialize m, x1,y1;
m = 2; % Specify your slope
x1 = -15; % Specify your starting x
y1 = -7; % Specify your starting y
Calculate the corresponding y-values:
y = m*(x - x1) + y1;
Plot y vs x:
hPlot = plot(x,y); % plot the graph, and store line reference in a variable.

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Karthi N
Karthi N on 6 Aug 2021
how to plot a ramp signal for r(t-2)

Karthi N
Karthi N on 6 Aug 2021
how to plot this here U is step function and r is ramp function


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