Analyzing Historical Twitter data for Keywords by Date

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Hello Matlab Team!
I am trying to write a script which lets me search historical tweets for specific keywords between two dates. I can't seem to get the pull past the current date. Below is my code thus far. It is not much since I am not sure how to proceed from here. I feel as if there is a simple solution but I have not found a solution via almighty Google.
I used twitty (<>) and json parsor (<>) to get this far FYI.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
% Store Credentials - I masked mine btw
creds = struct('ConsumerKey','---',...
% set up a twitty object
addpath twitty_1.1.1; % Twitty
addpath parse_json; % Twitty's default json parser
addpath jsonlab; % I prefer JSONlab, however.
tw = twitty(creds); % instantiate a Twitty object
tw.jsonParser = @loadjson; % specify JSONlab as json parser
% search for English tweets that mention 'matlab'
S ='matlab');

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