Is there a way to save the figures as .eps files using 'legacy behaviour" in R2016a?

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I been using Adobe Illustrator to edit my Matlab figures for some time now. However with the latest update to Matlab (R2016a) saving the figure as an .eps file and opening the file in AI no longer lets me edit the figure. I can edit the figures saved in older versions of Matlab (R2015b and previous), but not in R2016a.
I know there is a way to force "legacy behaviour" when saving .mat files, i.e. '-v7.3'; Is there a way to save the figures using the old .eps "behaviour" in R2016a? I've tried using a number of different input options for the functions 'print', 'save', and 'saveas' from the command line, as well as trying to save from the figure window drop down menu, but nothing works.
Has anyone found a way to save .eps files as before??

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Richard Quist
Richard Quist on 17 May 2016
If MATLAB thinks the figure is too complicated it will produce an embedded image in the EPS file, rather than vectorized (editable) content. You can force MATLAB to produce vectorized output by using the -painters option when calling the print command, as in:
print -painters -depsc output.eps
The output.eps file should then be editable in Illustrator

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Ruchir Kemnaik
Ruchir Kemnaik on 9 May 2016
It is my understanding that you have been using Adobe Illustrator to edit MATLAB figures stored in EPS format. However, you are not able to edit the figures saved in MATLAB R2016a.
I work for MathWorks and I have forwarded this feedback to the appropriate product team.
As a workaround, try saving the figure in SVG format. This file opens fine in Adobe Illustrator.
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Ilja Maljutenko
Ilja Maljutenko on 11 Jul 2016
New eps files can be opened in external editors, but how editable/publishable are they?
In past I have used post processing for masking out areas and shifting some contour labels.
This, quite basic feature of vector graphics, seems to be impossible after 2014b when the eps files are scattered into "vector primitives". I wrote my concerns here.
Please Ruchir could you forward this feedback also to the appropriate product team.

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