Mode of table sizes within a structure

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Will Kinsman
Will Kinsman on 11 May 2016
Answered: Will Kinsman on 12 May 2016
I have a structure we will call 'structure'. it has tables in it of varying sizes. i want to find the mode of the table sizes within the structure. what is the easiest and fastest way to do this??
i.e. GIVEN structure: structure.A = 1000x10 table structure.B = 9998x10 table structure.C = 1000x10 table structure.D = 1001x10 table
OUTPUT = 1000;
Thank you so much to any help in advance.
%At first attempt, I would build a for loop such that
tablesizes = zeros(numel(structure),1)
for i = 1:numel(structure)
tablesizes(i) = size(structure.(i),1);
output = mode(tablesizes);

Accepted Answer

Will Kinsman
Will Kinsman on 12 May 2016
With a little modification the above solution worked with acceptable speed

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