Set Parameter Block from Robotics System Toolbox doesn't change parameters in Gazebo. How should I make it work?

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Hi, I have an empty world loaded into gazebo from roslaunch as follows: roslaunch myrobot which loads following world into gazebo:
As you can see gravity in z direction is -9.8. I have created following simulink block from Robotics System Toolbox to change the value of gravity in z direction:
As you can see, upon running this simulink block, gravity in z-direction should change to -7.8 since I am adding 2 to -9.8, but it doesn't do anything. How should I make it work?

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 19 Sep 2017
This is unfortunately not a MATLAB/Simulink specific problem.
I have tried the same approach from a Linux terminal, where I was trying to use the following command:
rosparam set /gazebo/gravity_z 0.1
Even though getting the parameter back in the terminal returns my new value of 0.1, the Gazebo UI still shows the original gravity of -9.8. I'm not sure why this is the case...
- Sebastian

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