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Default Figure Fonts

Asked by Bill Wellman on 8 Feb 2012
Latest activity Edited by Cedric Wannaz
on 5 Oct 2013

How do I set the default font for figures to Ariel, instead of Helvetica? I have tried "set(0,'DefaultTextFontName','Ariel')" but it does not change the title or axis labels. I also tried "set(0,'DefaultFigureFontName')", and got an error. ------ Thanks, all. At Jan's suggestion, I added "set(0,'DefaultAxesFontName','Arial') to the start of my code, and it did what I wanted: set the title, axis labels, tic labels, and legend all to Arial on all figures. I also corrected my spelling at Razvan's suggestion, but that alone did not work; apparently Matlab is smart enough to recognize that error, for it already used Arial for text blocks in my figures.

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Whenever you writein the forum, that you get an error, copy the error message also.

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2 Answers

Answer by Razvan
on 8 Feb 2012
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The font name is 'Arial' not 'Ariel'...

You can change the font by

 set(gca, 'FontName', 'Arial')

On one of the Matlab help page says: Note that MATLAB does not display the x-, y-, and z-axis labels in a new font until you manually reset them (by setting the XLabel, YLabel, and ZLabel properties or by using the xlabel, ylabel, or zlabel command). Tick mark labels change immediately.

So for the labels you need to put the x/ylabel commands after you change the font to arial.

Best, Razvan


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Answer by Jan Simon
on 8 Feb 2012

The following properties can be defined as defaults:


The figures do not have a FontName property. What exactly are the "figure labels"?

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Thanks for the knowledgeable help. I clicked "accept", but got no response. I did edit my question, but might better have continued the blog here. I'm a Neophyte to this QA site.

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