how to predict next value using time series data?

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I am having 2 patient glucose data(y(t)) and the inputs feature values (time,meal) for 3 days. How can i predict the next time step glucose value. I am little bit confuse about how to give data to neural network. input= time, meal output=glucose data depending on time and meal, output glucose level is calculated. So how should i store my data in excel sheet so that i can do the good prediction.
Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 4 Jun 2016
Why do you try to make it so confusing? Just type the following into the command line and tell me what you get
[ I N ] = size(input)
[ O N ] = size(target)

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Answers (1)

Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 6 Jun 2016
OK I get it:
[ I N ] = size(input) % [ 3 144 ]
[ O N ] = size(target) % [ 1 144]
Hope this helps.
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