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save .TIFF file

Asked by Soum
on 8 Jun 2016
Latest activity Answered by Walter Roberson
on 11 Jun 2016
I have an image (medical image) stocked as .TIFF file, when I read it I’ve found 4 matrix the first, the second and the third one are the RGB components of my image the fourth one is a binary matrix (contains only 1 values), I dont know what is it. I’ve denoised it but the problem is : -when I save it I got 000 values (black image) but when I open it under matlab I see that it is not an empty matrix this is my code :
t = Tiff([source2,'',num2str(v)],'w');
tagstruct.ImageLength = 1000;
tagstruct.ImageWidth = 1024;
tagstruct.Photometric = Tiff.Photometric.RGB;
tagstruct.BitsPerSample = 32;
tagstruct.SamplesPerPixel = 4;
tagstruct.RowsPerStrip = 1000;
tagstruct.ExtraSamples =Tiff.ExtraSamples.AssociatedAlpha;
tagstruct.PlanarConfiguration = Tiff.PlanarConfiguration.Chunky;
tagstruct.Software = 'MATLAB';
I want to read the head of the file in order to check my BitsPerSample but I couldn’t
Xn= imread([source,'', num2str(v)],'tif')
I got this error :
info = imfinfo(Xn);
Error using imfinfo (line 80)
Expected FILENAME to be one of these types:
Instead its type was uint8
this make me confused because it shouldn't be uint8 !, So I convert it to double
Xn=im2double(imread([source,'', num2str(v)],'tif'))
But without any avail


Stephen Cobeldick on 8 Jun 2016
The fourth matrix is the alpha channel (i.e. opacity/transparency), which means the image data is not just RGB but actually RGBA.
on 8 Jun 2016
Thank you I didn't know before what is an RGBA image. I'll try based on this information

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1 Answer

Walter Roberson
Answer by Walter Roberson
on 11 Jun 2016

imfinfo needs to be applied to the image file name, not to what was read in from the file.


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