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Matlab Coder for accelerating the code for Home License

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Hi All:
I notice Matlab coder can convert certain type of Matlab code to mex files, and so the speed may be greatly increased. This is a very useful functionality however it is not available to Home license. I have the following two (quite different) questions: 1. What are some typical speed improvements can be obtained by using Matlab coder? Is there any benchmark or review available for this product? 2. Is there any possibility to use this functionality under Home license? Note that (1) Academic and Professional version is too expensive for personal use; (2) Student version already has the Matlab coder toolbox included recently and (3) similarity functionalities are provided in Matlab competitor's product, e.g. Cython language.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Jun 2016
At present it is not permitted to use MATLAB Coder under Home license. I know that requests have been sent to the Product Manager to reconsider that.
Typical speed improvements depend a lot on what kind of operations are being generated. Operations that use heavily mathematical manipulation can end up being less efficient because MATLAB Coder does not convert the MATLAB into calls into LAPACK or LINPAC or similar routines that provide high performance computation.
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Jacob Dang
Jacob Dang on 11 Jun 2016
Thanks a lot for the helpful answer and good to know that Matlab coder is being reconsidered to include in Home version. Really looking forward to that. :-)

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