How to avoid GARCH estimation model to show output in the command window?

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Haoqing FAN
Haoqing FAN on 15 Jun 2016
Answered: Hang Qian on 19 Aug 2016
I am trying to estimate the oil price volatility using GARCH model, and I try to use a 4 year-rolling window to estimate the GARCH parameters so that i could get many parameters for different periods. Thus I wrote a "for" loop, but in every loop matlab will show the whole output table for the estimated GARCH model, which makes it forever to finish the loop. I already put ";" at the end of each line but it didn't help. Below is part of the codes:
Mdl = arima('ARLags',7,'Variance',garch(1,1));
for i=1:4835;
Your helps are appreciated!

Answers (1)

Hang Qian
Hang Qian on 19 Aug 2016
Hi Haoqing,
To suppress display, we can add a name-value pair 'Display', say
- Hang Qian

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