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Is posible to use "DCT" to reszie data ?

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N K on 15 Feb 2012
Dear all.
I have problem about DCT function in matlab.
I want to use dct2 function to calculate data and resize it to 1X1.
For example, I have data matrix like
test=[3.2760 4.4200 1.9000];
Than, I use dct2 function to calculate dct and get data in 1X1.
testDCT = dct2(test,[1,1])
But result is return the first element.
testDCT = 3.2760
Am I wrong, or is it the limit of dct2 function?
Sorry, I give you wrong matrix. V V V
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Feb 2012
3.2760 does not look like the first element 5.5403 to me ?

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