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MATLAB R2015b crashing

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Julia Howe
Julia Howe on 22 Jun 2016
Commented: Walter Roberson on 23 Jun 2016
I recently installed MATLAB R2015b on a new computer. I was running MATLAB 2014 on my old laptop - both laptops are Windows x64 running windows 10.
Codes that worked fine on my old computer are causing this new version of MATLAB to crash! Specifically, functions I downloaded from file exchange (ie SLM Tools) seem to be the culprit of the crash.
I have tried re-downloading these tools, but that hasn't helped. Also, I definitely have the necessary toolboxes installed and file paths set for SLM Tools to run.
Has anyone else experienced problems / have any idea why this would be happening?
Thanks for your help.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Jun 2016
What kind of graphics card do you have?
Could you post one of the crash logs?

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