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Addlistener error: Undefined function for input arguments of type 'matlab.ui.Figure'.

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I am using addlistener in my openingFcn like this
handles.viewCAM_handles.listener = addlistener(viewCAM_handles.slider_master,'Value', 'PostSet',@(eventdata,viewCAM_handles)slider_master_continuousCallback(hObject,eventdata,handles));
But i get the error: Undefined function 'slider_master_continuousCallback' for input arguments of type 'matlab.ui.Figure'. Why can't I use a figure as input argument for my callback? What should I use instead, I tried with hObject but it gave me the same error.


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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Jun 2016
I do not know why you are getting that error, but you need to change your code:
handles.viewCAM_handles.listener = addlistener(viewCAM_handles.slider_master,'Value', 'PostSet', @(hObject, eventdata) slider_master_continuousCallback(hObject, eventdata, handles));
and keep in mind that the handles that will be passed will not include handles.viewCAM_handles.listener because it will be passed by value with the value as of the line before (because the right hand side is evaluated before the left)


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Joakim Magnusson
Joakim Magnusson on 29 Jun 2016
Oh sorry, forgot to write that the slider is in another .m - file. I have several gui's but the main gui and it's m-file is where i use addlistener. The reason is because in the continuouscallback in the other m-file is using handles from the main m-file. if i don't put addlistener in the main file the continuouscallback function doesn't have the right handles from the main m file.
It's hard to explain but maybe you understand?
Maybe i just did it wrong with the handles when i didn't have addlistener in my main file?

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