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need sugestion to solve exponential series

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I am trying to solve following equation with matlab.anyone please give me some suggestion how can i find value of R1....R7 and C1....C7.
Z(t)=∑_(i=1)^n(R_i (1-e^(-t/(R_i C_i )) )
And t=10, n=7

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Jul 2016
n = 7;
R = sym('R', [1 n]);
C = sym('C', [1 n]);
t = 10;
Ztval = 0.004;
Zt = sum( R .* (1 - exp(-t ./( R .* C ) ) ) );
solC1 = solve(Zt == Ztval, C(1), 'ReturnConditions', true);
This will give you solC1.C1 as a solution for C1, subject to a condition listed in solC1.conditions
You cannot solve for all 14 variables when you only have one equation.

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