Colorbar and colormap scale

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S on 13 Jul 2016
Commented: S on 14 Jul 2016
I am trying to add a colorbar to a series of images that contain colormap data. The best colormap for my data , for visual purposes is prism, but I have trouble with the scaling of the colorbar. I have gaze data, which I passed through a bivariate histogram and normalized them to percentages of the total gazes on the image. I select the colormap for my image (prism) and everything goes well. But trying to add a colorbar, produces inane results. In this example, the range of my colorbar is set with to: caxis([0 100]); If I change the range and make the caxis from 0 - maximum percentage in my matrix, still the result is equally wrong, only with changed values on the bar. I want my colorbar to reflect the colors in the image, but it seems the colorbar comes from another colormap. In my code I first call the function that creates the image and then the colorbar and the caxis command. Am I missing something? :S
S on 14 Jul 2016
The problem is solved. I was getting the colormap through a dialogue, and when I later created the colorbar, it was the default colorbar. So the solution was this:
%create colorbar with range
where "colorfun" is the colormap defined from the dialogue box

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