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Counter Input Channel Terminal Configuration NI USB-621x

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Alexander S
Alexander S on 18 Jul 2016
I use NI USB-6216-BNC in a Data Acquistion Toolbox environment and connect it to X4 Encoders. When I start a session and connect the sensors they default to a read-only pin configuration. However the hardware says it supports flexible routing of the PFI pins for counter operations. I would need to adjust these Terminals to correspond to other PFI pins.
counter_ch1 =
TerminalA: 'PFI8'
TerminalB: 'PFI10'
TerminalZ: 'PFI9'
counter_ch2 =
  TerminalA: 'PFI3'
TerminalB: 'PFI11'
TerminalZ: 'PFI4'


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