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How i can extract features from images and save them in one matrix and make groups (label) inside the matrix by matlab?

Asked by Goma Najah on 22 Jul 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Goma Najah on 27 Jul 2016
This is works, but i am not sure about my label t_label(1:21,1) is it same rows (From 1 to 21) in the matrix or not,
training_female = 'D:\DBs\jaffe\Train';
filenames = dir(fullfile(training_female, '*.TIFF'));
total_images = numel(filenames);
featureMatrix = [];
for n = 1:total_images
full_name= fullfile(training_female, filenames(n).name);
training_images = imread(full_name);
[featureVector, hogVisualization] = extractHOGFeatures(training_images);
featureMatrix = [featureMatrix; featureVector];
[HOG_test, Visualization] = extractHOGFeatures(xx);
t_label = zeros(size(151,1),1);
t_label(1:21,1) = 1;% Angry;
t_label(22:41,1) = 2; %Disgusted;
t_label(42:63,1) = 3; %Fear;
t_label(64:85,1) = 4; %Happy;
t_label(86:106,1) = 5; %neutral;
t_label(107:128,1) = 6; %Sad;
t_label(129:151,1) = 7; %Surprised;


You might need to give people at least one image so they can try to reproduce your situation.
Thanks. I solve this by creating matrix for each folder and merge them in a big matrix.

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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 23 Jul 2016
 Accepted Answer

It looks like rows 1-21 should all have the value 1. Do you know how to look in the workspace to check it? Or just put the cursor in the variable and type control-d.
Or you can just type the variable name in the command window.


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