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about using 'visual studio 2015 community' for compiler when we use 'mex' of command

Asked by tsu-ji-
on 29 Jul 2016
Latest activity Answered by Jim Hokanson on 26 Nov 2016
when I use the command 'mex -setup', the error happen the error is 「MEXはC言語のコンパイルに'Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Professional (C)'を使用するように設定されています。」 Now my computer is installed「Visual studio 2015 community」 I want to use this for compiler. Can I use this for compiler? Could you tell me how I use 'Visual studio 2015 community' for compiler? If I cannot use community for compiler, can you tell me the other free Visual studio that I can use for compiler?


Does any version support it?
Let's say it's version R2016a.
The documentation says only VS Professional is supported, but can we in fact use Community?
Only the Professional version will be detected. Somewhere around R2012a was the last version that supported the Express editions.
I do not know whether it is possible to edit the configuration files to support the Community editions.
I think I read somewhere that the Community editions do not support multiprocessing (parallelism).

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1 Answer

Answer by Jim Hokanson on 26 Nov 2016

This page links to supported compilers for previous releases (far right column):
The community editions are not listed. TMW tends to be pretty specific and if the community editions were supported, they would probably be listed. It may be possible to change various settings files to get community edition support.
I personally like using TDM-GCC for compiling C code (should support C++ as well):


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