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Any method for Rational polynomial equations with order 1 in matlab?

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Suresh Manchikanti
Suresh Manchikanti on 2 Aug 2016
Hello, I am working on image registration problem. I have a set of input, reference, dem images and have input GCP(ground control point) points and reference gcp points.I have a RPC(Rational Polynomial Coefficients) file corresponding to the input image.
Now i want to ortho rectify input image using these gcps.
So first using ransac(RANdom SAmple Consensus) or any variant of this, gcps should be refined using RPC method of order 1.
Then using these refined gcps, input image should be registered or ortho rectified with reference to reference image.
Is any method exists in matlab to refine the gcps using rpc method with order 2 and ortho rectification


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