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Always "Run as administrator" attribute on Matlab compiled executables

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I would like my compiled executable files (under Windows) to have the "Always run as Administrator" attribute as default and preferably for all users and not just admins. Can this be set programatically in Matlab? The manual way is: Right click on .exe file --> Properties --> Compatibility --> etc.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Aug 2016
You can invoke regedit to alter the registry for that one program, on the machine it is being run on. See
The appropriate settings do not appear to be a property of the contents of the file: they are in the registry, so you cannot just set some bits in the executable and have the effect of those bits in effect to where-ever you copy the executable to.
Joaquin REYES
Joaquin REYES on 28 Sep 2017
Hey Fredrik, Did you find a work around for this issue?. I have now the same problem. The .exe application created in Matlab doesn't run without admin rights. thanks
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Sep 2017
Note: Fredrik would not have been notified of your comment.
There is nothing you can do at the file level to mark the file as run-as-administrator such that you could distribute the file and it would always run as administrator on target machines. The required privilege information is not stored with the file; it is stored in the registry.
You might be interested in but note these are things you can run on the target machine to mark a program to always run as administrator, which has the same effect as the registry change that I linked to above.

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