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Is there more documentation on Stateflow messages for MATLAB 2016a?

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Stephen Faris
Stephen Faris on 19 Aug 2016
Commented: Stephen Faris on 24 Aug 2016
I am working with Stateflow messages in MATLAB 2016a. I use a single library block six times in a column hierarchy and pass messages from one node to the next. I load with a structure. The structure contains doubles, int32, enumerated types, etc. I have successfully passed a message like this from one node to another, but upon reception, the contents of has been altered. The structure is retained in without incident, but the values of the enumerated types within the structure are being changed seemingly arbitrarily. Why might this be so? Is there more documentation that explains the insides of a message a little more thoroughly? As I see it, the extent of the Stateflow message debugging is limited to, 1) the tooltip string which may or may not appear; 2) putting into some eml and debugging in there; 3) command line "whos" which doesn't include incoming messages (only outgoing). Thanks.


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Qu Cao
Qu Cao on 24 Aug 2016
The following examples should be able to provide you a better understanding of Stateflow messages:

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Stephen Faris
Stephen Faris on 24 Aug 2016
Thanks for the additional info. Since asking the question, I have discovered that a message does not do well passing nested bus objects (nested structures). When I flatten everything to a single bus object, everything is retained on the receiving end.

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