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i have an image have some text spread on various parts but what i want is to detect the text from bottom part of an image not from other parts & display that text only in a command window.What would be a matlab code for this?

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Abhishek Ghai
Abhishek Ghai on 21 Aug 2016
Commented: Abhishek Ghai on 22 Aug 2016
I am attaching one image for an example so please help me in extracting the text from its bottom part only by using matlab & display this text on command window.


Mudassir Rafi
Mudassir Rafi on 21 Aug 2016
You can use image morphology in this case. This is a segmentation problem basically. First convert the image in gray scale and use morphological reconstruction.
Abhishek Ghai
Abhishek Ghai on 22 Aug 2016
plz send matlab code for this as u understood my question. Even i know very well that it is a part of an image segmentation.

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