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Alex Fay

How do I Determine Shock Response Spectra?

Asked by Alex Fay
on 23 Feb 2012

I have data from several accelerometers on a missile. I need to determine the shock response spectra and can't find an adequate function in the Matlab library. Can someone point me down the right path?


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1 Answer

Answer by bym
on 24 Feb 2012

I would say that Alex is looking for something else...

In my experience, the derivative of acceleration is called "jerk". SRS is the maximum {displacement,velocity,acceleration} of a single DOF oscillator at specific frequencies given a certain input time history. I have some code, but have to do some digging... in the meantime here is a good reference if you want to "roll your own" from scratch


Thanks. I'm reading some background publications from Dr. Gaberson. He actually lives nearby, so I may have to track him down.

email him and he'll send you his code...

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