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Radio Button and Panel GUIDE

Asked by Melvin
on 24 Feb 2012
Latest activity Commented on by asma arafat on 16 May 2017

What code should i write under a callback of the radio button when you want to click a radio button, the visibility of the panel is being controlled. Radio button clicked, Panel appears. Radio Button unclick, panel hides...what do you think? Thank you everyone

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the panel---i mean a panel you created on a only two objects are present on the gui. The radio button and a panel...thank you

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1 Answer

Answer by G A
on 24 Feb 2012

if (get(hObject,'Value') == get(hObject,'Max'))

set (handles.my_uipanel,'Visible','on');


set (handles.my_uipanel,'Visible','off');



what changes have you made?

Instead of checking for Value 1 or 0 (true or false), for radio button you have to check for Value 'Max' or 'Min'

hello, i want to show panel with some texts when i click push button only and hide it when i am not click it. any help? thanks

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