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HD Video display and acquisition simultaneously

Asked by Stanislav Steinberg on 30 Aug 2016
Latest activity Edited by Stanislav Steinberg on 30 Aug 2016
I am building an experiment where a subject has to view a 1080p HD video, while simultaneously being recorded with a webcam (1080p as well).
Thing is, I want the playback and the recording to be synchronized. That is, per each frame displayed, a frame will be recorded.
I am currently using vision.DeployableVideoPlayer to display and the "webcam" object to capture images with the webcam.
However, vision.DeployableVideoPlayer is too slow (using step() ) and it seems that it's not utilizing my NVIDIA GTX GPU to display the video, nor to record it.
Is there a way to accomplish this without loosing synchronization? Maybe using parallel toolbox, or utilizing the GPU somehow?


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