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Check if Simulink is started (for faster use of find_system)

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dbmn on 6 Sep 2016
Answered: Malcolm Wood on 10 Jun 2021
I have a function that calls
to check if there are any Simulink elements. As expected, if no models are open, it returns an empty cell array.
BUT Matlab spends ages (about 5 seconds) while "Starting Simulink...". I could omit the check if I knew that Simulink was not started and save the 5 Seconds.
  • Is there a way to programmatically check if Simulink is already started?

Accepted Answer

dbmn on 7 Sep 2016
I found a workaround that I wanted to share
% check if Simulink was started in the past
current_licenses = license('inuse');
if strcmp('simulink', current_licenses)
% code that calls findsystem
It is not the nicest way to check if simulink has been started in the past by checking the currently used licenses on the machine - but it works most of the time.
Attention: by doing this you will not catch any timeouts that might occur when you are using a server based license.

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Malcolm Wood
Malcolm Wood on 10 Jun 2021
Since R2020b there's a function called isSimulinkStarted which tells you whether the "Starting Simulink..." process has already run - which, as you've seen, isn't quite the same as whether a license has been checked out.


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