why are MATLAB build-in functions suddenly undefined??

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hello, suddenly, i did ot changed anything, some MATLAB build in functions (in my case "colormap" and "ylim") does not work anymore.... the .m-files are still in place and the path is set correctly.
any ideas??
best, adam
Adam Zabicki
Adam Zabicki on 13 Sep 2016
yes, the folder is the search path. ok, i'll perform chkdsk on my windows-drive...

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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 13 Sep 2016
Try typing these in your Command Window:
rehash toolboxcache
If those don’t work to give you access to the built-in functions, contact MathWorks Tech Support.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 13 Sep 2016
That works. Another option is to copy those two commands to a .m file with an easy-to-find, descriptive file name, then running the file when the need arises. That’s what I do with some configuration commands I occasionally need to run.
If you can’t run the file for whatever reason, you can just open it in the Editor and copy and paste the commands to your Command Window and run them from there.

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