Anyone know or has any idea on adaptive background subtraction?

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Hi all experts, i am a beginner to Matlab. Currently, i am doing a small project which is real time people counting, I know how to do frame differencing, simple background subtraction. But due to my environment changes, I need to use a adaptive background subtraction.
Thanks a lot!
Kelvin  Wong
Kelvin Wong on 18 Sep 2016
Yup, but didnt see any adaptive background subtraction? Sorry to ask,is computer vision system toolbox only usable for video? cause i see most of it uses video as input, not in real time.

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Bego on 21 Sep 2016
Edited: Bego on 21 Sep 2016
Hello Kelvin!
There is an example of a motion detector (in real time) that you could look at. The example uses a video input to acquire two consecutive frames and then it calcules the difference between both frames, the resulted image shows the changes or motion between frames.
This example is documented in 'Step 6: Acquire Image Data / Running the Example':
Hope this helps.

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