How to save images with same resolution when using set() function?

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According to code below, both of my inputs are size 250X250. But the code fail to get me output of same size as inputs.
E = rgb2gray(imread('nofill.png'));
imshow(E, 'InitialMag', 'fit')
I = rgb2gray(imread('black.png'));
imshow(I, 'InitialMag', 'fit')
imshow(E, 'InitialMag', 'fit')
% Make a truecolor all-green image.
green = cat(3, zeros(size(E)),ones(size(E)), zeros(size(E)));
hold on;
h = imshow(green);
hold off
% Use our influence map as the
% AlphaData for the solid green image.
set(h, 'AlphaData', I)
% print('test','-dpng')

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