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ANSWER: How to check if you wrote string or number

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Hi there, this might help you out. I made a short code that takes in a number (or string) from a user and returns the number if it sure is a number or 0 if it's a string.
copy and paste in a "script" to try out. Save the script and then test it in comand window.
number = input('Type a number please = ', 's');
% this pice of code can take in both numbers or strings:
number = str2num(number);
%If the string "number" does not represent a valid number or matrix,
str2num(number) returns the empty matrix.
if isempty(number)
answer = 0;
answer = daysInMonth(number);
number = input('Type a number please = ', 's');
number = str2num(number);
if isempty(number)
disp('You wrote a text')
fprintf(' You wrote the number %2.0f\n ', number)
I know this might be a problem for lots of people which they need an answer to. Lets hope it helps
Stephen23 on 22 Sep 2016
Edited: Stephen23 on 22 Sep 2016
Running str2num does not do what the OP thinks, and actually executes the input string. It does not test for string vs. number:
>> str2num('i')
ans = 0 + 1i
>> str2num('exp(3)')
ans = 20.086
>> str2num('mean(+''cheese'')')
ans = 103.50
A much better choice would be str2double.
I am going to close this question because it is misleading, and gives wrong information.

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