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Can I use the PDE toolbox to solve a heat transfer problem with 1 moving part?

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Ken M.
Ken M. on 27 Sep 2016
Edited: Ionut Barbu on 10 Oct 2016
My problem is like moving a iron plate in water and then out again.


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michio on 27 Sep 2016
Edited: michio on 27 Sep 2016
Does your geometry consist of many parts with 1 moving part or just a single part that is going in and out of water?
If your case is the latter, I'd suggest that you represent its movement by time-dependent boundary conditions considering the moving coordinate fixed with the part.


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Ken M.
Ken M. on 10 Oct 2016
Hi, if i see example code like the link above, how do I know which toolboxes are used? Can I assume it's Matlab and PDE only, or will I get a surprise warning that I need to buy something else also?
michio on 10 Oct 2016
For the specific example above, it requires MATLAB and PDE Toolbox only.
Usually the toolbox itself, MATLAB and (if anly) add-ons listed as a requirements (See Add-On Product Requirements & Platform Availability for R2016b) are required to run the example on the documentation. I believe it would state explicitly if it requires anything else.
Ionut Barbu
Ionut Barbu on 10 Oct 2016
Michio is right. At this moment you, the examples in the documentation will also inform the users about the required toolboxes. Eg. the following example from the Statistics and Machine Learning toolbox also requires Matlab Coder (trial/license needed to access the link)

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