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How could I change or open the data in Workspace?

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My question is I have a Simulink file from the Internet and when I run it there is a data show up in the workspace, how could I open these data or change it.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Oct 2016
If you run the model by double-clicking on it or selecting Run from a menu or a button, then the outputs will go into the base workspace. If you are at the command line, you can see what is in the base workspace by entering the command
to open the workspace browser.
If, instead, the model is being controlled by a MATLAB function which is making sim() calls, then the output will go into the workspace of the function that makes the calls. To see that output you would need to put a breakpoint in the function and use the workspace browser to examine the function's workspace.
Zaid Adam
Zaid Adam on 5 Oct 2016
Thanks for your support, but I need to know how they did that if could help me with link or lesson about matlab files.

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Mohammad Haghighat
Mohammad Haghighat on 5 Oct 2016
As far as I know, you can only change the name in the Workspace. However, if you double click on the data, it opens it in the Editor, in which you can easily manipulate your data.
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Zaid Adam
Zaid Adam on 5 Oct 2016
Thanks, My question is how could I change the parameters forever because as long as I run the file the parameters go to the original values. my file is Simulink (blocks)

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